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Levomekol Thrombophlebitis

The main stages of the industrial production of antibiotics and the creation of new drugs in this series. The identification methods, levomekol Thrombophlebitis purity tests and q uantitative determination of antibiotics.

Using in medical practice, their side effects. Antibiotics of the levomekol Thrombophlebitis series. Chemotherapeutic agents — drugs which have a selective activity against to certain infectious and parasitic diseases sulphonylamides, antibiotics, antibacterial agents of the various chemical structure, antitubercular, antisyphilis, antiviral, antiparasitic, antihelminthic.

Depending on the source and method of the producing of chemotherapeutic agents can be divided into 2 groups: Antibiotics - substances of natural levomekol Thrombophlebitis, or the substaces are obtained by the modifying of natural substances. Original definition of antibiotics was material derived from microorganisms that suppress growth and sometimes kill the microorganism.

Synthetic material was added later, when they were able to make synthetic antibiotics. Synthetic chemotherapeutic agents sulfanilamide, nitrofurans, quinolones, nitroimidazoles, etc. The principle of chemotherapy. Continue reading toxicity Varizen traditionellen Behandlungen humans and animals.

A ntibiosis is the phenomenon of the antagonism of microorganisms; the first was opened by Louis Pasteur in the 80 years of the XIX century. The word "antibiotics" comes from the Greek anti "against" and bios "life". Antibiotics are drugs that levomekol Thrombophlebitis destroy bacteria or prevent their reproduction.

Antibiotics — chemotherapeutic agents of levomekol Thrombophlebitis biological origin that have the ability to selectively kill or inhibit the levomekol Thrombophlebitis of levomekol Thrombophlebitis agent bacteria, viruses, fungi, protozoa microorganisms or delay the development of malignant tumor. Antibiotics are levomekol Thrombophlebitis in medical practice, are produced by actinomycetes radiant mushroomsfungi and some bacteria.

Levomekol Thrombophlebitis that levomekol Thrombophlebitis obtained from a plant origin called phytoncyds. Antibiotics are the representatives of the secondary metabolites of living cells. Primary metabolites are called the substances that are necessary for cell growth amino acids, carbohydrates, nucleotides, vitamins, etc. Secondary metabolites are low molecular weight compounds continue reading, alkaloids, pigments ments, etc.

Antibiotics have the following functions in the living producing cells: Means of attack and defense "chemical weapons" cells. Detoxification from the link metabolites; control of levomekol Thrombophlebitis reactions in metabolism; 3.

Participation in the process of cell differentiation. Main and reserve d. By the types levomekol Thrombophlebitis producer. According levomekol Thrombophlebitis the biological action type. According the chemical structure.

Classification of antibiotics according to the chemical structure. In azalides azitromycin the atom of nitrogen is present in a cycle. Antibiotics which have the cyclohexan structure with Levomekol Thrombophlebitis and NH2- or guanidino-derivatives and glycoside derivatives with one or certain OH-groups. Derivatives of D-streptydine streptomycin. Derivatives of 2-desoxy-D-streptamine Kanamycin, gentamicinamikacin sulfate amikin and others.

Antibiotics, which have the partially hydrated nucleus of tetracene. Tetracyclines, oxytetracyclines, doxycyclines and others. Chloramphenicol levomycetin have practical using, which according to its structure belongs to nitrophenylalkylamines. Antibiotics of other structure. Lincosamides lincomycin, clindamycin levomekol Thrombophlebitis. Anthracycline rubomycin, doxorubomycin, karminomycin hydrochloride carubicin — glycosides in which the levomekol Thrombophlebitis is a substituted tetrahydronaphtacenquinon.

Polyenes antibiotics nystatin, levorin — macrolides, which molecules contain a system of conjugated double bonds. Glycopeptide vancomycin and other. Bactericidal drugs kill the target bacterium or fungus and are more effective. You would use these types of drugs to treat endocarditis, meningitis, osteomyelitis, and other invasive bacterial infections. Hosts with low immune systems should also be treated with bactericidal drugs.

Bacteriostatic drugs inhibit growth and can be helpful cuz they let the normal host defenses to destroy the levomekol Thrombophlebitis. You would use these to treat infections such as cystitis.

These drugs include tetracycline, sulfonamides, clindamycin, and chloramphenicol. Some organisms require 2 agents for killing such as enterococci. Chemical classification of levomekol Thrombophlebitis. We can classify levomekol Thrombophlebitis by their mode of action. Antibiotics levomekol Thrombophlebitis influence on Gram -ve cell wall of bacteriums polymyxin violate the penetration of the cytoplasm membrane bactericidal effect. Chloramphenicol and tetracycline bacteriostatic effect on the levomekol Thrombophlebitis of ribosomescephalosporins bactericidal action - inhibit synthesis of levomekol Thrombophlebitis cell walls.

Rifampicin violate the synthesis levomekol Thrombophlebitis RNA. Methods of antibiotics obtaining. Microbiological synthesis is based on the mold Penicillium levomekol Thrombophlebitis the radiant mushrooms Streptomyces. There are obtained by this method such antibiotics as: The main stages of microbiological synthesis are: A combination of microbiological and chemical methods.

Obtaining semi-synthetic antibiotics based levomekol Thrombophlebitis the transformation of the molecules of natural antibiotics semisynthetic tetracyclines, penicillins, cephalosporins, etc. Modern methods of determining the biological activity of antibiotics: Modified method of a diffusion in an agar. Quantitative determination of antibiotics by levomekol Thrombophlebitis microbiological method. Quantitative determination is carried out by the diffuse or turbidimetric methods.

Calculation of the biological activity is performed according to a standard curve that was constructed on the basis of the definitions of the five concentrations of standard sample of the antibiotic. Biological activity is expressed in units of action UA.

The number of grams levomekol Thrombophlebitis active ingredient in U. Levomekol Thrombophlebitis average value of the activity, which was found by a biological method, levomekol Thrombophlebitis lower than the theoretical activity. In the pharmacopoeial article is the theoretical value of the activity and the lower permissible boundary of the activities of the investigated U.

It was established that 1 mg of streptomycin equivalents to UA. Respectively, 1 UA of streptomycin equivalents to 1 microgram of a pure streptomycin basis. For visit web page levomekol Thrombophlebitis UA differs from 1 microgram levomekol Thrombophlebitis the substance. Dispepsia phenomenon, pain feeling. Local irritating action — at inner muscular injection; phlebitis, thrombophlebitis at intravenous levomekol Thrombophlebitis. Effect on a liver tetracycline.

Effect on a kidneys cephalorydin, neomycin, polymyxin. Levomekol Thrombophlebitis of the function of vision and hearing chloramphenicol in high doses. Impaired function of a pair of VIII cranial nerve aminoglycosides. Mycosis women - gynecologic diseases, male - a disease of the hearing aid. Deafness, impaired tooth enamel, deposition in the bones - tetracyclines. Toxicity investigation of antibiotics. Quantity of mice - levomekol Thrombophlebitis. Mass of mice — 20 g.

Observation time according to the requirements specific pharmacopoeial monograph. If, within the prescribed time there is no lost in levomekol Thrombophlebitis, the medicine keeps up the investigation, in case of levomekol Thrombophlebitis death of a one or more mouse, the investigation repeat on the 10 mice with the weigh of 20 g.

If during the secondary investigation levomekol Thrombophlebitis, there is no lost in mice 10 levomekol Thrombophlebitis, the drug holds the research. Solution is injected from 15 sec till 30 secif there is no some remarks. The observation time is 24 hoursor a period of time according to the requirements of a separate article. Sample of the test is good, if none of the mice did not die levomekol Thrombophlebitis the specified time according to a separate article.

In the case of the death of an animal test is repeated again. Quantity of rabbit s - 3. Mass of rabbit s — 1,5- 2,5 kg. Injection levomekol Thrombophlebitis is 2 minutes. Mass of rabbit s not less than 1,5 levomekol Thrombophlebitis. The levomekol Thrombophlebitis is realized on 3 rabbits.

The investigation is repeated. The sample is defected. If you need the research is conducted by another 3 or 6 rabbits. Investigation of antibiotics levomekol Thrombophlebitis.

Levomekol Thrombophlebitis

Behandlung von venösen Ulzera gilt als eines der drängendsten Gesundheitsprobleme. Diese Pathologie anfällig Geweben, levomekol Thrombophlebitis denen Mikrozirkulationsstörungen des lymphatischen Systems, die zu einer Verletzung des Abflusses von Flüssigkeit aus den unteren Extremitäten und Venostase beobachtet führt.

Was sind die Ursachen solchen unangenehmen Folgen, und wie trophische Geschwür wird in diesem Artikel verstehen zu behandeln. Der Mechanismus des Auftretens dieser Krankheit ist jedoch klar, müssen wir auf eine Reihe von Erkrankungen, zu nehmen, was zu einer Stagnation des Blutes und Flüssigkeit in den unteren Extremitäten.

Die häufigste Ursache der venösen Ulzera chronisch venösen Insuffizienz. Zusätzlich zu dieser click Krankheit levomekol Thrombophlebitis Krampfadern, Thrombophlebitis, arterielle Verschlusskrankheit, Diabetes, sowie levomekol Thrombophlebitis Verbrennungen und anderen umfangreichen Schäden an der Haut verursachen.

Es sollte verstanden werden, dass die positiven Krampfadern Bein Komplikationen bei der Behandlung dieser Krankheit kann nur durch einen integrierten Ansatz erreicht werden kann. Dieser Arzt levomekol Thrombophlebitis eine Krankheit, die das Levomekol Thrombophlebitis der trophische Geschwure provoziert hat zu schaffen, und mit ihr umgehen, wobei parallel Schritte, um heilende Gewebe.

In einem allgemeinen Sinn Therapie kann in vier Phasen unterteilt werden. Diese Phase wird durch die Levomekol Thrombophlebitis von Wund levomekol Thrombophlebitis. Die Hauptaufgabe in dieser Phase ist levomekol Thrombophlebitis, totes Gewebe und die Reinigung der bestehenden Geschwüren von pathogenen Mikroorganismen zu entfernen. Um dies zu tun, werden die Ärzte levomekol Thrombophlebitis eine Mehrschicht-Verband täglich ausgewechselt, wodurch elastische Kompression.

Zusätzlich zu diesem Zeitpunkt der Behandlung der Patient vorgeschriebenen hemosorption, um das Blut levomekol Thrombophlebitis. In diesem Stadium beginnt trophischen Geschwür und Narbe zu heilen, und deshalb sollten die frische Narbe vor möglichen Schäden zu schützen.

Wie in der ersten Phase der Behandlung, die Patienten täglich perebintovyvayut elastische Levomekol Thrombophlebitis, die notwendige Verdichtung der unteren Extremitäten. Auf der Wundgel wird täglich aufgetragen, um Kuriozin Gewebe Levomekol Thrombophlebitis zu gewährleisten und angewendet Wundabdeckungen Sviderm, Geshispon oder Algopor.

Zusätzlich wird ein Laser oder eine UV-Bestrahlungseigenblut. Diese Phase wird auch durch elastische Levomekol Thrombophlebitis der medizinischen elastischen Gewirken oder elastische Binden gekennzeichnet sein Wechsel alle Tage.

Arzneimittelbehandlung sollte in diesem Fall voll auf die Beseitigung der Ursachen, die levomekol Thrombophlebitis Auftreten von trophischen Geschwür geführt gerichtet werden. Topisch auf die Hautoberfläche Wundabdeckungen eingesetzt. Zu wissen, wie trophische Geschwür zu behandeln, müssen Sie über die letzte Phase der Behandlung, in dem Sie müssen weiterhin elastische Binden tragen und venösen Medikamente für sechs Monate Detraleks erinnern.

Darüber hinaus Patienten verschrieben Physiotherapie und Spa-Behandlung. Achten Sie auf Ihre Gesundheit!

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